Brevard County, FL

PURRS is a service organization that was formed to:

  • provide low-cost spaying and neutering
  • provide low-cost emergency veterinary care
  • provide low-cost wellness care
  • provide short-term pet food assistance for qualifying caregivers


  • abandoned or stray cats, tame or feral
  • companion animals (dogs, cats, etc.) of guardians who provide good homes but cannot afford veterinary costs.

The yearly goal of PURRS is to provide life-saving and life-changing assistance to over 1,000 needy cats and dogs right here in Brevard County, FL, with no paid staff, only dedicated volunteers. We work with entire neighborhoods to make sure all the animals therein get the help they deserve to live healthy and valued lives.

PURRS is different from most humane charities because we do not spend your dollars on buildings and large payrolls. We are solving the problem of too many animals by offering low-to-no cost services and doing whatever it takes to get the animal to help: loaning traps, carriers, leashes and kennels and often transporting when caregivers aren’t able to themselves. PURRS will venture into the worst areas of our county to get animals fixed and/or medical treatment.

To raise awareness of the tragedy of pet overpopulation and its remedy, PURRS holds two annual events: World Spay Day in February and Global Cat Day in October. Each highlights the need to control pet overpopulation and provides the opportunity to hold free speuter clinics for animals of the underprivileged.

PURRS - People United to Reduce Reproduction by Speutering*

("Speutering" is a contraction of spaying/neutering)